The CD consists of the Program interface and quite a number of lessons. The lessons can be received separately, after setting and registration of the Program interface.

"SAMBO FOR PROFESSIONALS" will give the possibility:
- to learn some subtleties of the Sambo theory;
- to see the holds in dynamics and divide them into phases.

-To get detailed graphic and textual phase description

-To get recommendations on combination of a certain hold with the other ones, to learn basic principles of defense, ways to develop the necessary physical qualities and to eliminate mistakes if any.

-To get video fragments of competitive bouts, reflecting different variations of the holds you study, applied at the top class competitions against the strongest opponents. It will be a good illustration to the educational material we publish. The concrete fragments can be withdrawn from the lessons in the section Competition samples. All the most interesting fragments will be collected in a special appendix. See screenshots of movies.

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